Power-based Analysis Software

for the Serious Road Cyclist.

RiderMetrics offers a comprehensive range of analysis charts and graphs in a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

Your cycling data is a history of how you’ve performed. To any serious athlete it is vital to have all your historical data to track peaks and troughs in your performance.

RiderMetrics works with:

Map View

Integration with Google Maps provides a detailed look at your ride.

Shown to the right of the map is the standard graph of cycling data and also the Power Profile graph. The Power profile graph shows your maximum sustained power output over different time intervals for this session (purple). Overlaid on this session’s power profile is your last 6 weeks max power values for the same time intervals (green). This allows at a glance a review of the ride and how your power values compare to the last 6 weeks.


Mapping Your Progress

RiderMetrics helps you easily keep track of your training load too, so you can optimise your workouts to peak for key races. The Training Management graph shows your 1-week, 6-week Aggregate Training Loads as well as your Training Load Balance. RiderMetrics also shows your rolling best 6-Week (green) and 1-Year (black) power outputs for all time intervals. Interacting with this graph allows easy identification of the date of the best power outputs.

More to come…

Many other features are being developed and added to RiderMetrics. Delivery of future training schedules is the most recent improvement. Updates will be provided to registered users.